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More than 33 million Americans have lost their jobs during the coronavirus pandemic. Many without jobs are now also without health insurance.

Sriptsave WellRx has created Operation Relief, a completely free-to-use program that will provide deeper discounts to bring even lower prices to all consumers, regardless of their employment, insurance or financial situation. No enrollment, email or sign-up is required. There are no fees or subscriptions required from any patient wishing to use the program, and no need to enter any debit or credit card details to get started. With the new program there are:

  • 6,000-plus drugs under $20
  • more than 4,572 drugs under $10
  • over 2,500 drugs under $5!

Just visit WellRx.com/Relief and download a card, search for the medication price and show the card at the pharmacy.

You can also get our free prescription discount app from the Apple Store and Google Play. Just download and use the invite code RELIEF for heavily discounted prices on your medications during the pandemic*.

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* Savings average 60%, with potential savings of up to 80% (based on 2019 national program savings data). All prescriptions are eligible for savings. Cannot be used in conjunction with insurance. To price your medications and to find participating pharmacies near you, visit: www.wellrx.com/relief.


  • Wellrx.com is a God send. It helps me so much to be able to get my meds at such a lower cost! I am sharing this with friends and family!
    Thank you!!!

    • We certainly do appreciate the shout-out, Debra (and, of course, we thank you for taking the time to read the blog post)!

      Needless to say, we realize that (sadly) we’re not able to help every patient, with every prescription, at every pharmacy … however, this latest round of additional savings that we’ve been able to negotiate as part of the ‘Operation Relief’ initiative are able to make another big difference to so many. As such, we’re truly grateful that you took the time to share details with your family & friends.

      The more Americans we can spread the word to, the more help we can provide, and the better the savings we’re able to negotiate in the future!

      Thanks again!

  • Inspiring article. I admire the valuable information you offer in your articles.

    SimPHARM Team

    • Thanks for the kind words! We strive to always post about topics that are important to patients across the U.S.

    • Thanks for taking the time to read our blog posts – especially this one here, about the Operation Relief initiative. Given the devastating impact that Covid-19 has had on people jobs across the nation (and the knock-on impact to millions of family’s ability to afford their prescription meds), we certainly do invite/urge you to click that Share button in order to help us spread the word about the additional savings we’ve negotiated for cash-paying patients through the Operation Relief.


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