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With annual price tags topping $100,000 for some new drugs for cancer and rare diseases, many patients have not been able to afford their medicines. Massive price hikes on old products that used to be reasonably priced, such as Mylan’s EpiPen emergency allergy injectors, have also left some consumers struggling to afford their drugs.

Rising prices have infuriated doctors, insurance companies and politicians, and triggered government investigations into the pharmaceutical industry. While President Trump would like to get drug prices down, the government has no power to regulate prices, and the industry appears to be moving to avoid price controls.

For more than 20 years, ScriptSave® has been helping Americans compare prices and save on prescription medications. ScriptSave WellRx constantly negotiates with pharmacy chains to bring you greater savings on the drugs that treat your ailments.

The corner retail pharmacy not always the cheapest

If you fill your prescriptions at retail drugstores, it may not be your cheapest option. Independent and grocery store pharmacies can often have lower prescription prices. Compare the pharmacy prices at Albertson’s, Safeway and Kroger to large retail pharmacies. You could save more than $100 on each prescription!

You’ll love the exceptional savings you can find on popular cholesterol medications like rosuvastatin (Crestor) less than $18 for thirty 10mg tablets. Asthma medications, like montelukast (Singulair), are under $12 for thirty 10mg tablets. Duloxetine (Cymbalta) is under $19 for thirty 60mg capsules.

Be sure to use your ScriptSave WellRx card every time you fill or refill your prescription. You’ll be amazed at the savings!

Savings at 62,000 pharmacies nationwide

We’re constantly negotiating better discounts at pharmacies across the U.S. Prices can change daily, and many of these new prices could be lower than the copay that your insurance provider charges.

The ScriptSave WellRx savings program opens up a world of savings on both brand-name and generic prescriptions. And, pharmacies have partnered with us for more than 20 years, so you can feel safe with the good advice we share and the assistance we offer.

To get the most savings, print, text, or email yourself our discount card, or, download our free app. You can search for the best discount at pharmacies near you or near any location. Best of all, there’s no membership fee. It’s that simple to join and get a great discount on prescription

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