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Fighting Off Rising Medication Prices

Saving on medication prices with the ScriptSave WellRx app

Nancy went to the pharmacy to pick up her medications and was shocked when she heard her total was $211 for her medications. Why are prescriptions so expensive? It’s staggering. We get it.

It has become more and more difficult to put the words “affordable” and “healthcare” in the same sentence in the United States. Prescription medications composed 16.7% of all U.S. healthcare spending in 2015. From 2006 to 2013, prescription drug costs went up 174% in America.1

Rising Medication Prices - Price of Therapy per Prescription Drug
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You may be wondering, how is this possible? What can I do about this? Well, let’s study the chart below and take a look at some numbers.

Nancy has 4 new prescriptions she has to pick up since being discharged from the hospital:

Rising Medication Prices - Cost of prescription medications without ScriptSave WellRx

$211?! How is this pricing even possible? Nancy can do 2 things here: She can pay it upfront and she will likely try to make it last by taking her medication every other day instead of daily. This may lead to problems down the road as she is sacrificing her health due to medication costs. Her other option would be to decide not to pay it at all which may lead to her being re-admitted into the hospital. These are both real problems.


She could pull out the handy ScriptSave WellRx app to help her find ways to save money on her prescription medication expenses. She types in all her medications into the app and finds:

Rising Medication Prices - Lower prescription prices using ScriptSave WellRx

In just a few minutes, Nancy is able to find a local pharmacy with the affordable prescription medication costs. All Nancy has to do is whip out her mobile device, pull up her prescription savings card on the app, and show it to the pharmacist. In just a few moments, the pharmacist can use the prescription savings card to give Nancy additional cost savings!

ScriptSave WellRx (Andriod/iOS) provides cost savings on prescription medications for every member of the household, including pets. It is incredibly easy to use and can provide cost savings on both generic and brand-name medications. It is convenient, effective, and all it took is one mobile app to save some money. Try this high-tech, no-risk way to save on your pain medications, antibiotics, allergy relief or any other prescriptions—check out our Medication Search to find the lowest price for your prescription now. You might be surprised at how much you save!